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The Mantra is our premium adjustable slide: optimized for comfort and built for athletes.

Signature RPL footbed is fitted into our outsole. Purposely designed for recovery and durability, these slides will become your daily footwear.

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The best all around slide for any custom project. Wide foot to promote foot stretching, RPL footbed to ensure proper blood-flow and consistent massaging for the athletes pre and post performance. durable and adjustable top strap with the highest quality print we can offer. No matter the elements or events you drag these through -the print will hold up and flex through it all.

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Take a moment to linger here and get a feel for the product, I have created all of these images with a photograph of a grey pair. Photoshop is math based and loves grey. Masking and Key selections are necessary to make sure there is contrast and separation between the multi color pairs. the M3 reflective pairs were quite a task.



High Quality Printed Design

UV Process - Hidden behind closed doors. But results in amazing and the cleanest possible prints we can give to you for printing on an unconventional surface.


RPL Footbed

RPL Footbed to keep feet massaged, supported, and cushioned on all endeavors.


Durable Adjustable Strap

not everyones foot is shaped the same, we created an amazing dual top strap to make sure the slide fits on anyones foot according to their size.

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