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Stand in what you stand for.
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My Freelance Journeys and Discoveries, Design, Photography, and Printing


I graduated from Anna Maria College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Design in May 2019, where I focused on brand strategy, UX/UI design, package design, and print. During my time at college, I discovered my passion for digital arts and design, which led me to pursue various opportunities in the creative industry. Since graduating, I have gained valuable experience working in diverse roles, including graphic design, photography, and education. I have honed my skills in the Adobe Creative Suite and other modern design software, constantly staying updated on current design trends and techniques. Through my roles at HWH Creative Design and ISlide USA, I have spearheaded packaging design projects, managed client relationships, and directed creative operations, further solidifying my expertise in the field of design and creative direction.


Education + Experience


BS - Graphic Design
Anna Maria College

My time at Anna Maria College was instrumental in shaping my career path in graphic design. As a student, I immersed myself in various courses focused on digital arts and design, including brand strategy, UX/UI design, package design, and print. The supportive faculty and collaborative environment at Anna Maria College provided me with the opportunity to develop both my technical skills and creative vision. I actively participated in hands-on projects, honing my abilities to conceptualize and execute innovative design solutions. Through coursework and extracurricular activities, I gained a deep understanding of design principles and cultivated a passion for visual storytelling. My experience at Anna Maria College laid a solid foundation for my career in the creative industry and fueled my enthusiasm for continuous learning and professional growth.


Pittsfield High School

During high school, I immersed myself in both the arts and athletics, embracing opportunities for self-expression and personal growth. In art classes and extracurricular activities, I explored various mediums and techniques, finding solace and fulfillment in the creative process. Whether painting, drawing, or sculpting, I honed my skills and fostered a sense of community through collaborative projects and club involvement. Simultaneously, I thrived in the competitive atmosphere of team sports, dedicating myself to training and excelling on the soccer field, basketball court, and track. Balancing these passions taught me valuable lessons in discipline, resilience, and teamwork, shaping me into a well-rounded individual prepared for future endeavors.


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