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Midterm Review + Project Proposals

Updated: Feb 20

Week 1 : Selecting

Resourceful videos
Selection tools:
Overall Photoshop Basics
  • Marquee

  • Lasso

  • Magic wand

  • Content Aware Selections

Week 2 : Masking + Hair

Resourceful videos
Masking Basics:

Beginners guide to Masks:

Masking Hair:
  • Masking Basics

  • Blending layers

  • Masking with photos/textures

  • Channels for hair

Week 3 : Photo Retouching Fundamentals

Resourceful videos
Whitening Teeth
Dark Circles (tired eyes)
Red Eye Removal
Soften Skin
Blemish/Acne Removal
  • Healing Brush

  • Clone Stamp

  • Content Aware

  • Patch tool

  • Red eye

Week 4: Drawing with Shapes & Pen Tool

Resourceful Videos:
Pen Tool:
Drawing With Shapes:
  • Basic shape Tools + Shortcuts

  • Strokes

  • Repeat action

  • Direct selection

  • Drawing modes

  • Grouping and alignment

  • Compound Paths

  • Pen tool

Week 5 : Setting Type

Resource posts
Type Videos:
  • Type anatomy

  • Alignment - Justification

  • Document Set up

  • Bleeds + Gutters

  • Paragraph and character styles

  • Units of Measurement

Week 6 : Review above. Research & Review Midterm Project Proposals

Download the following file (Rubric) to get a better explanation on the grading criteria. you are only graded by 3 Categories. One of them is of your choosing.

Midterm Rubric - Computer Graphics
Download DOCX • 16KB

Lets go over the rubric together and go through this website to get inspired for the project.

We can either make our own final product from the inspiration found on the website. Or we can choose 3-5 of these projects to show how knowledgeable you are in these Adobe Interfaces. use the directions given with the project. I will answer any questions but I will not touch your mouse or keyboard. You may create the projects based on tools we know. Or you can use tools that you have yet to learn, depending on the skill level of the tool, it may give you more points if missing a majority of other criteria, or may just give extra credit. Please go above and beyond with these projects. It is required to label and group layers as necessary. it is your choice to either mix Illustrator and photoshop to create your one or multiple projects. we are looking to become knowledgable in these apps to excel in future graphics classes.

Examples of tools to use if creating your own project or adding to the other projects listed.
Photoshop -
  • Adjustment Layers - this is a panel of options

  • Filter Effects

  • Masking

  • Selection tools to create masks

  • Eraser tool

  • Clone stamp

  • Healing brush

  • Spot Healing

  • Content Aware

  • Layer styles

  • Opacity+Fill

  • Blending modes

  • Type tool

  • Smart Objects

  • Warp + Distortions

  • Alignment

  • Shape tools - Polygon, Ellipse, Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle

  • Pen tool

  • Curvature Tool

  • Pencil tool

  • Type tool

  • Brush tool

  • Gradient tool

  • Shape Builder tool

  • Eraser tool

  • Pathfinder

  • Offset path

  • 3D

  • Alignment

  • Pattern

  • Blend


Create Actions

Create A Variable Data Set

You Have the rest of Class to Create a plan and present project offer and start the project. Let's sit together to write out what you need specifically to complete the project for a full grade.

Ideas for Projects

  • Playing Cards

  • Magazine Covers

  • Packaging

  • Wallpapers

  • Comic Strips

  • Recolor images

  • High Fashion Editing


Aglet shoes 2022
Download ZIP • 21.37MB

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