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Logo Design

Many fitness companies to start, a rebrand for my fathers construction business, and the initial set up for Hollow Horseshoe Crab, and my logo identities

Asset 2-100.jpg

HWH Creative

My old branding,  -still published as I wrap up my rebrand. Check out my new branding guidelines here

Kyle Furey Performance

My friend Kyle is gaining traction in the local fitness community, training and lifting techniques from all over, merged to create his own programs and to give amazing results to anyone hired. 

My inspiration was his initials and to make a strong shape from it. What is a stronger symbol than a shield?

KFPArtboard 3_edited.jpg
Triton Training StyleGuidesArtboard 17_4x-100.jpg

Triton Training

Another friend of mine, Tyler Botto, had started a life coaching and personal training brand called Triton Training, Training beyond the surface.

we had a lot of fun with this process. i am sadened to say the original logo was purchased from a stock site, that is what captured my attention to offer a slight refresh to make sure their logo wasn't the same as the next person.

Apex Training

Another friend of mine, Mason Papirio, Reached out to a few of his design friends to see what logo would be best for his company. my style is to go timeless so the logos can evolve with the brand over time. here was my take on it.

BFHArtboard 1-100.jpg

BFH Concrete

I had better logo options than this one, but hey, the client makes the calls, i can only make suggestions. this client was also my father, and no is not an answer.

Hollow Horseshoe Crab

Find the whole WIP .pdf guidlines here

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